The Top Halloween Costumes for Guinea Pigs.
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The Top 11 Halloween Costumes for Guinea Pigs 2023

As Halloween approaches, it's time to embrace the festive spirit and get your furry little friends in on the fun. Forget about the cliché costumes for dogs and cats – this year, I'm focusing on the undisputed stars of the small pet kingdom: Guinea Pigs!

These little bundles of joy are ready to steal the spotlight with their pint-sized Halloween ensembles.

Top 11 Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes for 2023

From cute and cuddly to downright hilarious! I've rounded up some of the best Guinea Pig costumes of the year that are guaranteed to make you say, “Squeak-tacular!”.

Trust me, they'll steal your heart faster than you can say, “Trick or Treat!”

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The best Halloween costumes for guinea pigs.

# 1 –  Jack-o-Lantern Costume: Bootique Jack-o-Lantern

Get your piggies in the Halloween spirit with this Jack-o-Lantern Costume. This silly outfit transforms your pet into a walking pumpkin masterpiece, complete with a grinning face that's sure to light up any party! It's a pumpkin-spiced dream come true!

Our Pick
Bootique Jack-o-Lantern Costume
9.8/10Our Score

- Cute and festive

- Perfect for Halloween parties

- Provides a unique and memorable look for your guinea pig

- Might be uncomfortable due to bulkiness of fabric

# 2 – Pumpkin and Skeleton Costume: Halloween Pumpkin and Bones Shirts for Guinea Pigs

Bring the pumpkin patch to life. This tiny t-shirt will have your piggy looking like a plump pumpkin ready to be picked! Or go for the spooky scary skeletons option!

Our Pick
Halloween Pumpkin and Bones Shirts
9/10Our Score


  • Classic Adorable Halloween Costume
  • Easy to put on
  • Allows for comfortable movement while wearing


  • Not available in multiple sizes

# 3 – The Wizard Costume: Halloween Wizard Hat with Scarf Muffler

Abracadabra! Make your guinea pigs the life of the party with this wizard costume. Step your furry friends into a world of magic and mischief with this enchanting ensemble. Cast spells, turn skeptics into believers, and amaze everyone with their mystical powers!

Our Pick
Halloween Wizard Hat with Scarf Muffler
9.5/10Our Score


  • Adds a magical and whimsical touch to your guinea pig's appearance
  • Unique and eye-catching
  • Great for themed parties or events


  • Doesn't come with a wand! But, an apple wood stick will do. 

# 4 – The Witches Costume: Witches Hat and Cape for Guinea Pigs

Prepare to dazzle the magician piggy. Take them to center stage and astound the crowd with their mind-bending tricks. This costume will make your little piggies the talk of the town, and with their sleight of hand, they will leave the rest spellbound!

Our Pick
Halloween Witches Hat with Scarf Muffler
9.3/10Our Score


  • Conjures up a sense of wonder and entertainment
  • A favorite amongst the witchy piggies
  • Not just for Halloween


  • Requires careful supervision to ensure safety

# 5 – Hero-of-them-All Costume: Rubie's DC Comics Superman

Your guinea pigs don't need superpowers to be a hero when they have the Hero-of-them-All costume! Make them the avenger of laughter, the defender of fun, and the savior of the party. With this costume, your pet will save the day and have a blast doing it!

Our Pick
Rubie's DC Comics Superman
9.3/10Our Score


  • Gives your guinea pig a heroic and courageous look
  • Makes your guinea pigs the center of attention
  • Can be a great conversation starter


  • Limited availability of designs and sizes

# 6 – Fruity Costume: Frisco Avocado Guinea Pig

Have your guinea pigs embrace the fruity side with this fruity costume. A deliciously refreshing choice that's sure to add zesty flavor to any party! Whether they are a juicy watermelon or a tangy pineapple, they will be the freshest fruit in the bowl!

Our Pick
Frisco Avocado Guinea Pig Costume
9.5/10Our Score


  • Offers a fresh and fun twist on costume choice
  • Bright and colorful, perfect for avocado lovers
  • Can make for adorable and Instagram-worthy photos


  • It may be difficult to find the right size for your guinea pig - one size fits most option

# 7 – Buzzy Costume: Frisco Bumble Bee Guinea Pig

This one is all cuddly cuteness with no sting! Transform your piggy into a soft fluffy bumble bee and watch everyone want to hold and snuggle your Guinea-Bee.

Our Pick
Frisco Bumble Bee Guinea Pig Costume
9.7/10Our Score


  • Easy hook-and-loop fasteners

  • Separate headpiece with antennae for added cuteness

  • Helps your guinea pig stand out from the crowd


  • Doesn't come in larger sizes for the chonky piggies!
Cute pirate halloween costume for guinea pig.

# 8 – Tiny Hats Costume: Frisco Pirate Guinea Pig

Don't let your guinea pigs be a party pooper, make them  the life of the party with this tiny pirate hat costume! This wacky outfit is all about celebrating the little things in life, literally. I mean, who doesn’t love an animal in a tiny hat?

Our Pick
Frisco Pirate Guinea Pig Costume
9.6/10Our Score


  • A great alternative to a full-body costume
  • Easy on with hook-n-loop fasteners
  • Simple chin strap design


  • Doesn’t come with any pirate's booty!

# 9 – The Cowboy Costume: Frisco Cowboy Guinea Pig

Saddle up and ride your little piggies into the sunset with this cowboy costume. Bring the Wild West to any party and show off your guinea pigs with this daring side. A must-have for any yee-haw enthusiast, this costume will have your pets saying, “Howdy, partner!” all night long!

Frisco Cowboy Hat Costume for Guinea Pigs
9.6/10Our Score


  • Gives your Guinea Pig a Western and adventurous look
  • Provides a unique and fun costume option
  • Easy on with a hook-n-loop chin strap


  • Doesn’t come with any cowboy-themed accessories

# 10 – The Foodie Costume: Frisco Hotdog Guinea Pig

Spice up your guinea pig costume game with this one. Satisfy everyone's appetite for fun with this deliciously delightful outfit. From hot dogs with all the toppings to larger-than-life tacos, your furry friends will be the tastiest treat at any party! Bon appétit!

Frisco Hot Dog Guinea Pig Costume
9.3/10Our Score


  • Adorable and relatable for food enthusiasts
  • Single piece with hook-n-loop fasteners at neck and belly
  • A humorous and lighthearted choice


  • Your guinea pig may attempt to eat or chew on the costume
  • May be less comfortable due to being slightly bulky

# 11 – Chef Hat: Frisco Chef Hat Costume for Guinea Pigs

Wheek! Wheek! What's cookin' in the kitchen? If it's for Guinea Pigs, then it's most likely red, yellow, or green bell peppers, parsley, carrots, or their favorite…pea flakes! Your little potato will be the cutest one in the bunch in this tiny chef's hat.

Our Pick
Frisco Chef Hat for Guinea Pigs
9.8/10Our Score


  • Easy adjustable elastic chin strap
  • Simple yet adorable
  • Not bulky or constricting to wear


  • Might not fit over extra chunky piggy necks

You might wonder if costumes are safe for guinea pigs. Visit our latest blog that answers the question “Are Costumes Safe for Guinea Pigs? Cute or Scary? Find Out Now!”. From there, we dive deep into the cute vs. scary debate and give you all the info you need. 

Safety Tips for Guinea Pigs Wearing Halloween Costumes

  • Be sure you always supervise your pet while wearing any sort of clothing or costume.
  • They're natural chewers and will be curious about having something on their body, so make sure they don't choke on any fabric or small parts like buttons or fasteners.
  • Only leave a costume on them long enough to snap a few pictures. This way you won't stress them out too much.

These Top Halloween Costumes for Guinea Pigs in 2023 are not just a quirky and adorable way to dress up our furry little friends, but they also bring joy and cuteness to our lives.

Let's be honest, life can be stressful, and sometimes we just need a good laugh. And what better way to get that laugh than by seeing a guinea pig confidently rocking a tiny cowboy hat or a miniature superhero cape?

These costumes not only provide entertainment for us humans, but they also create a sense of community among guinea pig owners who can come together and share in the hilarity of seeing these little furballs all dressed up.

So this Halloween, let's remember to let loose, have some fun, and let our guinea pigs steal the show with their pawsitively adorable costumes. Happy Halloween, and may your guinea pigs bring you endless smiles and giggles throughout the spooky season!

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