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Whether you're curious about Guinea Pigs, a newbie owner or you're Cavy Savvy and just LOVE Guinea Pigs (like me!)

I've got something for you!

baby guinea pigs in grass

Reese + Snickers

Hi! I'm Heather, the one behind the camera. The two little nuggets you see in the photo are the reason I started Guinea Pig Academy.

You see, when I first became their mom, I had a general idea of how to take care of them, but I quickly found out that what I thought I knew and what was best for them was sometimes different.

I had a lot to learn, and the stuff I found online was often contradictory and confusing. So, I began curating what I learned so I could share it here with you on the BLOG!

If you're curious, you can read more about my personal Guinea Pig journey. I bet you'll be able to relate to some of my “Pig-tastrophies” and beginner mistakes too!

My goal is to make it fun and easy to take care of your Guinea Pigs, no matter where you are in your journey. I've also created lots of helpful printables and products for you in my SHOP!


Need Help Remembering What to Do Each Day for your Guinea Pigs?

Make it EASY for Yourself and Your Kids with a Weekly Routine!

Print this colorful Weekly Schedule and Checklist to help keep track of what to do each day.

Or, create your own routine on the blank weekly schedule!

Plus, space to keep notes, to-do's, and reminders of things to buy so you don't forget anything important!

p.s. “Wheek” means “I Love You!” in Guinea Pig language, so that's why this is a “Wheekly Schedule!”